Break of Breath: Angel Syndrome

     Equilibrium brought an end to the world as it was once known. When Earth and Terra became united, fantasy became reality. Elves, Angels, Vampires, Demons and Humans are just some of the beings who populate Eartha. They coexist on the planet, and nowhere is that more evident than the town of Seneal, and its famous University.

     Ravin is a demon on a mission, protect his roommate Kazun at any cost.

     Despite only being human Michelle lives to keep her sister Lian safe.

     When Ravin and Michelle’s paths cross they are pushed onto a dangerous path. Unbeknownst to anyone, a powerful force has arrived in Seneal and it lurks in the shadows.


     Forced to work together, Ravin and Michelle are faced with tribulations at every turn. Mysterious tattoos, disappearances, and deadly tasks plague them. Little do they know, their actions have consequences that neither of them could have foreseen.


While humanity slumbers, vampires rule the night. Ignorant of the constant danger, humans live their lives in bliss.

Life has never been easy for Cassandra Brooks. She and her family-her father William and her brother Austin-never stay in one place for long. To complicate matters, her dreams are haunted by a boy she has never met.

Her existence becomes a fight for survival after her brother saves her from a group of nomadic vampires. With help from an unexpected source, Cassandra must embark on a journey to piece together the shattered remnants of her life. All the while, hunted by a dark specter she can't seem to shake.

Soul Rain

     Legend says when the Mother of All gifted the Earth with Life, with him came his brother, Death. The two created balance, which allowed the world to thrive. In Death’s wake, life withered and died. Thus, Death was left shunned and avoided. The poison thorn of hatred caused by this isolation festered in his heart. In his pain and madness, he lashed out at his brother. When the dust settled, all that was left of Life were six Spirit-Shards. Each one represented an Element of Life. Together the spirits sealed Death away in the hopes of returning order.

     For generations the stories have been passed down, but that was what they were: stories. Or so the young wolf Rain thought. That is, until the night of her Adulthood Ceremony, when she was struck by a bolt of lightning. In the Darkness, she finds her calling. 

     She is blessed by the Spirit of Darkness, and must journey to find the other Shards of Life to restore harmony. Along the way, Rain must find her own strength, and keep the God of Death from eradicating all she holds dear. 

October Shadows

Things aren’t what they seem in Ashburn, Tennessee. Fifteen years ago nine children were suddenly orphaned. No one knows what really happened, least of all the children.

When one of their number moves back to town, their lives are upended. Secrets start coming out. Suddenly, nothing is as it seems.

Cataryna thought adjusting to a new high school her senior year was the hardest thing she would ever experience.

Skylar never thought he’d know what it felt like to be locked behind bars.

River never truly experienced loss before.

Korin had never been able to control his anger. But the more things change, the worse it gets.

Willow just wants things to stay the same.

Lu cannot wait for change.

Nyssa knows. She knows too much, but she can’t understand. She never understands.

Thema and Tony were waiting, and have been for fifteen years. But they’re still not ready.

All the group can do is band together and face what awaits them lingering… in the October Shadows.

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